fic·tion·ar·y [fik-shuh-ner-ee]

noun, plural fic·tion·ar·ies.

1. A free look-up capable custom e-book dictionary of fictitious terms, places,

and people in literature. Created by author provided content or community wikis

Introducing the Fictionary

Fiction books can be complex, filled with a lot of characters to keep track of, items that are difficult to visualize, and places that are hard to recall. Fictionaries can help you enjoy these stories without confusion, spoiler free, and you never have to leave your book.

When possible each Fictionary is created to be a snapshot in time. Your Fictionary will only include content from the books listed and spoiler free for other books. As you progress through a series you change your Fictionary.

Fictionaries work on all Kindle eReaders, iOS Kindle Apps, and some Android ePub apps such as Moon+ Reader. (Does not work on Kindle Fire or Android Kindle App).

Install Fictionaries on your device just like you would any e-book or file. We can even email it directly to your device. Once on your device it just takes a few clicks to configure it as your dictionary.

Most Fictionaries contain thousands of entries displayed into an easy to read format. Advanced matching techniques ensure that variations and nicknames cross-match to the correct definition.

How does it work?

Select a word in your e-reader and the entry from your Fictionary will appear just as the definition for a true word would appear from the dictionary. If you need more information the full entry can be brought up using the on screen tools.


Multi-Word Entries & Multiple Matches

For multi-word entries such as names or titles each word is linked back to the definition of the entire phrase. If a word matches on more than one definition each term is listed at the top in order of the length of content, with person entries taking precedence over all others. This technique insures that the terms deemed most important by the community responsible for the content are listed first.

Rich Entries

Where possible the Fictionary is formatted to include complex and rich information such as infoboxes, quotes and references.