D. Moonfire

Sand and Blood

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Rutejimo Complete

Official Rutejimo Fictionary - Created by the author

All Single Fictionaries listed below and all future versions. This allows you to use a different spoiler free Fictionary as a series progress and it is recommended you only install one Fictionary at a time to avoid spoilers. You will be notified by email when a new Fictionary for the series is available for download. You must use a valid email at checkout to get updates.

Single Fictionary

Single version with no updates. These Fictionaries are created using content from a specific time and set of books (listed below) and are spoiler free for later novels. The only updates would be to correct any errors. You will be notified by email that a corrected version is available.

As you progress through a series you use a different Fictionary.

Fictionary 1

Use while reading

Sand and Blood

Re-reads of previous novels.

Spoiler Free